"Taming Teen Conflict" for Parents - 4 Week Series - Virtual Small Group Sessions Lead by Charle LIVE Each Week


"Taming Teen Conflict" for Parents - 4 Week Series - Virtual Small Group Sessions Lead by Charle LIVE Each Week

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Welcome! If you are:

  • struggling with a demanding teen
  • often have conflict with your teen
  • feel guilt, shame and pain around parenting your teen
  • desperately want to have more peace and harmony within yourself and your home
  • want to prepare for the teenage stage of life
  • or want to have more information to better understand life from a teen’s perspective…

You’re in the RIGHT place.!

Feeling overwhelmed, guilt-ridden and isolated as a parent of a teenager?

It’s tough to parent a teen in today’s world when they bury their heads in their dreaded cell phone, have many social distractions, lack coping skills, may have poor or inadequate school engagement or achievement, and have a rapidly growing brain. With a lack of communication skills and the ability to regulate their emotions well, conflict is almost certain. Also, teens are typically egocentric, though they lack self-awareness, so parents feel frustrated and hopeless about their teen reaching their full potential; add a pandemic to the list of challenges, and teens may completely withdraw or self-collapse.

With our changing world and emerging brain science comes a need to alter our attitude towards parenting our teen children. This presentation covers topics that will help parents understand teen behavior so they can connect with their teenager on a level they may have never experienced.

Using her unique lens as a seasoned high school educator turned therapist, who is also a parent of an older teen, Charle will ignite the compassion you once had for your teen child and set them on a path of least resistance so you can enjoy (yes) the space and time you share with them.

You will leave EACH SESSION with a deeper understanding of your teenager and meaningful strategies to connect with them. There will be a Q & A at the end, and you will be given a workbook to complete as we move through the Four Week sessions.

Who Should Participate: This is for parents/guardians/caregivers of teenage “children”. Each link is good for one household, so whoever is involved with raising your teen, invite them in! It takes a village.

What: This is a Four Week series for parents of teenagers who want to better understand their teen’s unique stage of life, meet their needs better than you already are, understand your role in fostering a healthy transition into adulthood, and ultimately, learn to reduce conflict in your home. You will learn how the teen brain functions and how it influences their behavior, decision-making, motivation, response to stress, and much, much more!

WEEK 1 – “Basics of Human + Teen Development”

WEEK 2 – “Teen-Specific Skill-Building”

WEEK 3 – “Relationships + Risk-Taking”

WEEK 4 – “Stress from School” + Course Wrap Up

Disclaimer: If your teen is having serious mental health concerns, please seek professional help. This course works well for any parent who wants to deeply understand this unique developmental stage of life and the needs of their teen, though it does not replace therapeutic intervention.

When: Each session begins at 6:30 p.m. (EST) during the first Tuesday of the month that you sign up for, and the remaining three sessions continue throughout the same month at the same day/time (Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. EST). So, if we start session one on the 1st Tuesday in February, we will continue session two on the 2nd Tuesday in February, the 3rd session during the 3rd Tuesday in February, and we will conclude with the 4th session on the 4th Tuesday in February.

Where to meet: After you access our calendar (choose “4 Week Series for Parents – “Taming Teen Conflict”), a Zoom Link will be generated, and you will click on that link 5-10 minutes before each session date. Don’t worry – this link will go directly to the email you provide, AND you will get a reminder! You will use the SAME link each time, so it’s super easy.

Why: Because you should not parent in isolation, and the adolescents stage of life is a time where specialized support and understanding is needed. You WILL feel CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED, and a WILLINGNESS to heal the wounds of parenting and reconnect with your teen after just the 1st session!!

Questions? Just ask! – event@humanityspeaker.com

What is Included:

For just $125/per session  (incl. tax), which may be covered by your insurance,  you’ll get:

  • A printable booklet included
  • Four 90-minute sessions
  • LIVE support with Charle leading you through each session LIVE
  • Intimate & Interactive small group – up to 10 participants
  • Support from a community of parents who have similar issues with their teen
  • Extra time at the end allotted to answer more questions if needed
  • 30-day access to Charle – Each participant can text, email and/or call Charle (within reason) following the training session
  • Receive a 50% discount on one of Charle’s other online courses (i.e. The Teen Brain)

This Virtual Small Group Course is meant to be completed in 4 week consecutive sessions so there is not an option to pay for just one session at this time. 


** Check Charle’s calendar for available dates.


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