Taming Teen Anxiety + Fostering Grit in Today’s Learner


Taming Teen Anxiety + Fostering Grit in Today’s Learner

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Who: You are a high school teacher or staff member who wants to have a deeper understanding of the whole teen learner. If educational leadership is in your future, or you have a burning desire to deeply connect with your students, this training is for you!

You are interested in:

  • the mental health and wellness of your school community
  • having a deeper understand of this unique developmental stage of life
  • addressing typical teen behaviors that manifest in the classroom and in your building
  • recognizing behaviors that are typical versus atypical related to the adolescent stage of life
  • strengthening your connection to your students so you can capture more of their attention
  • would like to learn more about teen brain development and its affects on behavior, motivation, learning, decision-making, risk-taking and more
  • pursuing leadership roles, and this would demonstrate your commitment to supporting the whole teen learner beyond academics

What: Virtual Small Group training to help you understand the internal and external stressors your students are experiencing. You will discover how their anxious brain functions under stress and what your role is in helping them to thrive.

Fostering resilient adolescents promotes health + wellness in your school community. When you develop resilient teens, you produce stronger learners that have the ability to make mistakes, think critically and self-regulate through adversity.

In today’s world, there are plenty of challenges facing our youth, and we have a tremendous opportunity to help them thrive.

When: Please check the calendar for availability https://calendly.com/advancinghumanity/virtual-training-for-educators-taming-teen-anxiety.

Where: Virtual Zoom meeting from the comfort of your own environment. Once you choose a date and make a payment, you will be provided with a Zoom link. You will also receive reminders via email and/or text.

Why: Schools are where teens spend much of their time outside of the home. Since it is the most significant secondary agent of socialization, we have a profound influence on their health and development as learners and as human beings. By understanding how anxiety uniquely affects our teenagers in today’s challenging world, and with brain science that continues to emerge, we can learn to meet their needs and help them to adapt and grow.


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