Taming Teen Conflict for PARENTS of Teens

Taming Teen Conflict for PARENTS of Teens

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Description of this Course

Feeling overwhelmed, guilt-ridden and isolated as a parent of a teenager? There’s hope. 

It’s tough to parent a teen in today’s world when they bury their heads in their dreaded cell phone, have many social distractions, lack coping skills, may have poor or inadequate school engagement or achievement, and have a rapidly growing brain. With a lack of communication skills and the ability to regulate their emotions well, conflict is almost certain. Also, teens are typically egocentric, though they lack self-awareness, so parents feel frustrated and hopeless about their teen reaching their full potential; add a pandemic to the list of challenges, and teens may completely withdraw or self-collapse. 

With our changing world and emerging brain science comes a need to alter our attitude towards parenting our teen children. This presentation covers topics that will help parents understand teen behavior so they can connect with their teenager on a level they may have never experienced. 

Using her unique lens as a seasoned high school educator turned therapist, who is also a parent of an older teen, Charle will ignite the compassion you once had for your teen child and set them on a path of least resistance so you can enjoy (yes) the space and time you share with them.

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